Best Omelets in Fort Collins

My list for the best omelets in Fort Collins. I suppose that should be pretty self-explanatory, given the title of the post. I suppose all of the articles I share on here should be pretty self-explanatory given their post titles. Maybe I should just start pasting the links to my work without the needless explanations. But that would just make the post look so ugly. Links are such eyesores to look at. Having a block of expository text, even if it is completely meaningless, just looks so much more professional, doesn’t it? I think so. Indeed, that’s the whole reason I’m writing out this metacognition on including lead-ins to my article links anyway– because it makes this post look as if it itself were interesting and worth your time reading– as if this blog, and what I wrote on it, somehow enhanced the articles that I share– which of course it doesn’t. Not at the moment anyway.

All that to say, if you made it to the end of this post about the futility of my posting about my posts, I’m sorry that I wasted your time. But you must admit, the post looks much more official now, does it not?

Here’s the article:

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